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Welcome to Rudi & Bear

My name is Jazz, a working mum to my two beautiful boys Rudi and Barnaby.

Looking for unique and beautifully crafted plastic free wooden toys in Cornwall? Look no further than Rudi And Bear! Our passion for making high-quality, eco-friendly toys started when I became a parent myself. Inspired by vintage wooden toys, we poured our heart and soul into creating each piece with love and care.

At Rudi And Bear, we understand that parents value the importance of handmade toys for their little ones. That’s why we handcraft each toy to perfection, ensuring they are safe, durable, plastic free and thoughtfully designed to encourage imaginative play.

Our collection of wooden toys is like no other. From our famous ‘Ned’ Robot to charming oak blocks, every item oozes timeless appeal. We use only the finest materials to create beautiful plastic free toys that your children will cherish for years to come.

Fast forward, and now we’ve got a huge range of Neds, Ned Accessories, and even our very own Story Book! It’s a wild and playful journey that keeps growing.

Me and my two children, the inspiration to creating plastic free, wooden toys

So why Rudi and Bear

When you choose Rudi And Bear, you’re not just investing in a toy – you’re investing in quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time. As parents ourselves, we know firsthand how valuable it is to have toys that are both engaging and durable.

So, join our toy-filled world, where imagination knows no bounds! Let’s create cherished memories and bring joy to the hearts of little ones, one wooden wonder at a time!

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